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CSS Websites is a free website, and I can only keep it free with everyone's cooperation. Therefore, by using this website, you hereby agree to be civil, as well as not do it harm. 

CSS Websites Terms & Conditions of Use

Terms of Use Posted by the site admin on February 13th, 2016

CSSWebsites is a free website. Use of the website does require that each user agree to the following terms and conditions of use, as well as agree to our Privacy Policy.  

Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement for using the CSS Websites website...

Failure to agree to these terms will forfeit your right to use this website. Please be sure to read this agreement which is in force every time you use this website. Know your rights.

All Website Material is Copyright Doug Peters of CSS Websites

All material found at this website, CSSWebsites.com, including photography, videos, textual content, documents, scripts and application software (if any), are Copyright Doug Peters and the CSSWebsites.com website, as well as Copyright its contributing authors and members, with all rights reserved worldwide. Explicit written and signed permission is required for the reuse of any material beyond the scope of this website presentation. Furthermore, no redistribution of said website material is allowed, what-so-ever.

As an artist, I am just trying to make it. It's a difficult task in the digital age because it is so easy to copy other people's lawful property (whether real or intellectual). People might think they can copy another person's work, but often they don't actually check. That's why this website has to setup a 'Terms of Use' page to assure everyone that this is all our own original Copyrighted material, and that no one has permission to use it without aquiring consent, which is at the sole discression of CSSWebsites.com.

There are no exceptions. Please do not copy material from this site. You are welcome to view and enjoy it, you can even share the link to specific material with your friends, but have them come to this site instead of downloading any image to show to anyone.

If you would like to discuss using any material found on this site, please use my online contact form to get a hold of an authorized use agent, or simply give me a call at the contact number listed. 

Note that unless you contact CSS Websites, ask for said permission to use a specific item(s), a reply is send you through the postal mail and you receive a hard copy document indicating that you have permission to use specific item(s), and that document is signed by Douglas Peters, you have absolutely no right to use anything found here.

Thank you for understanding my intellectual properties, designs and art.


This website makes use of cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Cookies are small data files stored on your computer that allow us to track your interaction with the website and enhance that experience.   

No personal identification or contact information is ever saved with these cookies, we merely leave random generated codes that allow us to identify the same visitor when they return or interact with specific web applications.  

Visitors to CSSWebsites.com are encouraged to allow the website to generate said cookies, though the cookies are not generated unless a user does interact with the website.  

Visitors who do not wish to enjoy an enhanced user experience when they interact with one of our scripts, or do not wish to be tracked, may disable cookies in their client browser settings. An anonymous visitor should still enjoy a decent user experience unless specifically interacting with a web script on the site, when a web application may fail for them. Otherwise, the static web pages will perform fine.

For more information on what cookies are, the information we collect from you and our log files, please see our Privacy Policy Statement.

Malicious Intent

Any user visiting this website must use the server, site, documents contained therein and its assets in a legal manner. No user is authorized to maliciously attack the website. Furthermore, no user is allowed to hack, break, disrupt, defame, degrade or reverse engineer this website, its contents, and/or its technology, to include logos, images, photography, video, textual content, files, documents, code, scripts, programming, tools, software and hardware used to create and/or maintain this website.

Therefore, no malicous intent is allowed by anyone (from visitors to members to staff). We work honorably and expect a certain trust and faith in our work and the creative process. Any visitor, site user, or client without the ability to trust us, that doesn't believe in our talent or work, or with malicious designs, is invited to leave the website immediately.

Those persons and entities that can make the leap of faith to trust us, believe in our created process, and can put faith in our talent are invited to become clients. 

Voicing Queries and Concerns Regarding this Contract

Use of this website constitutes an agreement to abide by the terms and conditions of use as set forth in this document.

Any user may contact us with questions or protests, should they have any, concerning our Terms and Conditions of Use (this document), or our Privacy Policy Statement. If you would like to address anything, simply use any online contact form link on this website to send us your queries and/or concerns to Doug Peters.

If you refuse to agree to the terms and conditions once you have voiced any concerns with me, you should leave immediately and not return until and/or unless we resolve the issue by addressing your concerns and opinions to your satisfaction and so that you feel that if you visit this website you are not in violation of this agreement.

Thank You

I appreciate your visit. This document addresses specific legal concerns of certain countries and indiviuals. Thank you for reading and understanding our position. Thank you for your compliance with these terms and conditions, as well.

Doug Peters
of CSSWebsites.com
@ Symbiotic Design

Symbiotic Design
2108 South Duluth Ave
Sioux Falls
South Dakota
57105   USA

CSSWebsites (at Gmail)
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